Tools for Growing Healthy Churches

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Before Jesus left, He issued the Great Commission. God expects us to give our lives to Him, reflect Him in all we do, and grow together. He also wants us to share this gift with others. If they don't hear, they won't return to Him. This site will teach how to do these things. Many pages have optional links for you to dig deeper.

Here's the Tools

Abiding in Christ: Individually and in Groups

- Serving believers. Jesus helped His followers grow every day in obedience to God and love for others. To support this, there's resources for getting motivated, finding answers, studying the Word, growing together in groups, assessing/planting churches, and ways to dig deeper (eg free seminary).

Sharing the Gospel

- Serving non-believers or people in false gospels. This redemptive story of the Bible with proof it's true. Why share, with whom, and how. For how, you'll learn principles, how to open conversations, helping non-talkers, and specific situations (eg door to door evangelism).

Top Priority: Unreached, People Groups

- Jesus said He will return once the Gospel has reached all peoples. It's the only way for people to be saved from their sin and eternal damnation. Thousands of people groups still have zero access to the Gospel. We must fix that!

(Note: Sister site for non-believers. About page has history and credits.)