How to Grow His Kingdom: Quick Start (Draft v2)

(All material on this and Gospel site are 100% free to use and remix for any person, church, app, etc. Use it, improve it, and tell everyone who Jesus is!)

Serving Non-Believers: Sharing the Gospel

Get started quickly with the basics:

You can be very effective at witnessing with just three tools: a way to share the Gospel, your story, and tracts/cards/links to hand out. If you want to start today, you can get going in 8 minutes just learning the openers while reading my Gospel on your phone. Either way, many people that say no to the Gospel will still take a tract. A combo of being kind, mentioning Jesus, and a tract is a good seed. If they listen to Gospel, even better. If they listen and are undecided, arrange a follow-up meeting just getting to know them, explore their beliefs/objections more, or doing a one-on-one Bible study w/ evangelism focus. Focus most on people who lean into what you're saying. The Spirit is already at work in their hearts.

Serving Believers: Discipleship, Small Groups, and Churches

If they accept Jesus or you run into Christians, we still have work to do. We serve other believers by helping them grow in faith and service. Here's quick links to that:

Jesus says those who abide in Him follow God's commandments and love others. The link above are fundamental commands that let the Spirit transform and work through us. Being in the Word, praise, prayer, avoiding sin (continued repentance), and loving others are things Jesus and Apostles did every day with the Spirit working through them. We should stay consistent on those, too. For the Word, we study it in a way that lets us soak it up, invite others to join us, and teach those who don't know what we've learned. We constantly grow each other in the Word, obedience to God, and love for others. This is where it stops for most of us.

If growth in numbers and service continues, it might be time to form a church. Even if you don't, the link gives you the minimum, Biblical activities and signs of a healthy church. Readers can use them to assess their own churches. If any areas are weak, focus on them immediately to get the church back to where God wants it to be. You'll see His Spirit move in it more strongly. If considering a new church, have the group read that stuff, pray on it, try doing it without formal commitment, and just go from there.

I hope these resources help you all. Apply them to spread His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. If He and we stay at it, we might even see Jesus return faster. With all the suffering in the world, let's pray on and work toward that happening as soon as possible!

Bonus Topic: Unreached, People Groups

If your church does missions, please ask them to shift funding to or make next one an Unreached, people group on the Joshua Project. There's over 7,000 of them with an estimated 3 billion people in them. They get only 10% of mission funding despite having little to no access to Jesus at all. That's also despite Jesus' promise He won't return until the Gospel reaches all people groups. We need to help them while hastening His return.

We have way more than thousands of churches. I say each church, starting here in the Mid-South, pick at least one group on the Joshua project. Especially "Frontier Peoples." Send a pair of missionaries. Bigger churches can go for those also needing Bible translations funded. Otherwise, just more than one group. Whichever you pick, stay serving them with laborers, aid, and whole-church prayers. The Spirit of God will move from there within and across geographical areas. Please don't let them continue to perish without hardly a chance: prioritize mission money to send laborers to Unreached. Using resources like GiveThemLife, people in the church can do the local evangelism.

Individuals without church funding can still make a difference. They just have to physically be over there listening, loving, and sharing Jesus with people. Young people can go to college or start careers that take them that way. Anyone with skills like teaching, medicine, and language can work over there. Believers looking to retire might do more than that. Anyone that works remotely might be able to work from these areas with satellite or occasional trips to areas with Wifi. People whose businesses sell or build stuff all over the world might work in those areas. Just get yourself located and immersed in these places to share the Gospel. God will work through you whether planting seeds, watering them, and/or harvesting.

Sister site: has a short, modern Gospel with proof it's true like in a courtroom. It's free for any church to use or remix, even with no credit to me, so long as they preach the True Gospel.

Extra resources for building churches: Biblical Eldership, New Testament Deacon, a list of helpful books, and a guide to common activities of pastors.

Credits: is a mix of resources from many sources really meant to save you time: cut through the noise to the signal. Originally, I wanted to trim 10-16 hrs of evangelism lessons from No Place Left with situation-specific stuff from Youtube into minutes to one hour. I'm adding in Living Waters' techniques, too. Check out either to learn plenty. My only article is Motivation and Goals. This site is mostly a remix of others' work. I'm very grateful to all my brothers and sisters whose effort makes it possible. Keep doing what you do for our Lord Jesus! I'll keep spreading it so more will follow. :)