About This Site

GiveThemLife.com is mostly a curated list of content meant to save you time: cut through the noise to the signal. It was so hard for me to learn what I needed to in many areas. I want you to avoid all that pain and suffering. I want you to have a clear path or multiple, good options to strong growth. I wanted sharing or equipping to be as easy as writing down a domain name in situations where that's all you had. Where did it come from?

Two Stories: God's and Mine

God crushed me, brought me back to Him, and transformed my life. Originally, I just shared my story (video). Then, I struggled to really understand the Bible. The Reformed church I went taught me the redemptive story in it. Voddie Bauchum and apologists inspired me to argue with evidence, too. I put that up as GetHisWord.com. From there, I added: examples of fulfilled, Biblical prophecy; Craig Keener's worldwide survey on miracles to prove God still uses them today; my arguments for intelligent design; global impact of Christ based on Voddie Bauchum; life transformations; story comparison. My articles are usually shorter than similar articles on other sites given attention spans today.

GetHisWord.com will stay up so people can easily share such things with others. Easy as writing down the site name.

Learning to Share; Sharing That

Next problem: evangelism was rare in churches. They were strong in teaching, talked doctrine a lot, and rarely shared the Gospel. That didn't seem right. Asking around, long-time believers admitted they didn't know how to do evangelism, worried about specific situations, and didn't know where to learn. Others admitted to laziness which hinted we needed quick lessons, too. Some of us prayed for God to send help. He sent two people who each sent me to NPL.

No Place Left is a church-planting movement that makes free tools and trains people for planting and growing healthy churches. Their materials are based on the Four Fields strategy (book) by Nathan and Kari Shank. The Shanks were missionaries to South Asia who developed that model based on how God grew the church over there. Applying the same model in other places got similar results. NPL trainers in Memphis trained us on evangelism.

Originally, GiveThemLife.com was strictly an evangelism site trying to condense their 10-16 hrs of training into minutes to an hour for other people. Cru was another forerunner I leaned on. Then, I put NPL's methods to the test both in Scripture and in places like Walmart. Those experiences taught me a whole lot, changed how I saw God working in His churches, and I enjoyed meeting many interesting people. Later on, I decided to distance from NPL, or at least their mission model. I wrote a brief article about that.

For now, I switched my site to clearly promoting the church-centered model in the NT. We work within churches to grow upward (holiness) and outward (evangelism/missions). Church benefits for individuals include teaching, helping, accountability, and prayers. We can still share the Gospel as much as we like, anywhere we can. All those NPL tools keep paying off. The churches themselves choose who to send out to support other churches. Corporate support includes prayer, finances, good teaching, and extra bodies to serve with them. If not officially sent, we only plant our own church when we can't do God's will within an existing one. And after much prayer to ensure it's God's will. We can also invest in others one-on-one and in small groups. Those might become churches if God wills it.

(Note: I might also merge in content from Living Waters (Ray Comfort) in near future. Their permission page is really long, though. I try to keep this content free to use and modify. Just have some links up for now.)

What About Everything Else?

If you obey the Great Commission, you run into all kinds of new situations, people, and topics. We must keep learning but from whom and where? At first, it was just people wanting to see evangelism done in other situations. In grow groups (discipleship), actually moderating one is its own skill set. Many passages in the Word require good teaching to properly understand. I decided to just add all that to the site. I found that Bibles I needed were locked-down in copyright, commentaries were bulky, and seminaries cost so much per student that I wondered if each MDiv was defunding a mission to the Unreached. Besides, the Internet makes copying so cheap that every church member should have free access to plenty of material like that.

Even worse, the Christian suppliers would put money and control first if asked to put out their material for free. (NPL and GotQuestions.org are exceptions.) Wheres, secular activists believed in their own missions so much that they constantly donated time, money, and published works to accomplish their goals. They thought the cost was worth it if lives were on the line or they could change them for the better.

It bothers me that secular people are more selfless about their missions than believers in Christ are about His. Even when we know we're already getting eternal life for it with every selfless act possibly adding eternal rewards on top of it. Do we really believe that when we're putting personal gains before kingdom gains?

Scripture says that making money serving is fine. Like Paul (1/2/3), I just felt we should default to accepting material loss if necessary to equip the saints on the fundamentals. That we should put no obstacles in the way of individual and church growth. As I prayed on each problem, God provided a solution to it which I could share for free. He's given me more than I even have time to post.

For most needs, God had already inspired someone to take action. People just didn't have awareness or access. So, I switched from creating original content to curating and improving as much as I could of what was already out there. I give whatever I have to believers I meet in case God inspires action through it.

License: Public Domain. Unless otherwise noted, on-site content is free to use, remix, sell... do whatever brings people closer to Jesus Christ.