This page is about serving in and running churches. We'll start with what God's Word says about every believer, specific offices, and spiritual gifts. Then, we'll look at specific offices in depth. We'll also look at examples of loving others.

God's Word lists the Offices and spiritual gifts. Now, let's learn how to apply them.

Every Believer

Teaching and Preaching

Biblical Counseling

You can get value out of this without being a counselor. The first thing it teaches you is to rely on God and His Word for struggles in life. Then, learning more about specific topics helps you better empathize with people in their suffering. The resources might give you helpful advice for them. These techniques can be used for outreach purposes via one-on-one's or support groups.

You might also feel called to become a counselor. You'll have to choose between secular, Christian, and Biblical counseling. I don't have resources up for those decisions yet. For now, I'm sharing links on Biblical counseling since (a) it's definitely Biblical and (b) God gave me more resources on it. Also, pastors or deacons might want to get full training in counseling because their jobs mostly involve caring for others.

Here's a bunch of resources:



Planting Churches

Church-Planting Tools

Sometimes, a unchurched group will keep growing, bonding, and serving together. They may consider becoming a church. The Biblical route is elders of an existing church planting one with qualified people. This provides the aspiring church with support, accountability, and help fighting threats (esp false teaching). Example of ups and downs of independent church-planting.

Pray on it, talk to established churches, and see if God provides a route. If He doesn't, that often means it's not His will for you to do that. You can continue sharing the Gospel and forming discipleship groups wherever you're at, though.

Let's say you choose to start a church. Missionaries in South Asia developed the model above to focus on the fundamentals. They've been using it for over a decade. My missionary friends said the churches over there had the most committed believers they've ever seen. They regularly shared the Gospel, too, despite persecution. The model works. Since it's open source, you can modify it as needed for use in your churches. 

Other Ministries

General service, specific types, and good examples:

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