Abiding in Christ: Individually and in Groups

Jesus says those who abide in Him follow God's commandments and love others. As we do, the Spirit transforms and works through us. Every individual should aim for consistent, growing obedience. The activities we use for this are often called "spiritual disciplines."

For the Word, we study it in a way that lets us soak it up, invite others to join us, and teach others what we've learned. We're commanded to do this while plugged into a healthy church (see Assessing). We try to love and serve everyone around us as we do. We focus on those roots to grow the fruit.

The fruit is a combination of growing all-together in reverence of God, knowing who Christ is, knowing His Word, conforming to His Will, living like Him, and loving others like Him. That's the Christian life for most of us. This page has tools to help you live that life.

Fundamentals for Individuals

Fundamentals for Groups

Digging Deeper (Miscellaneous)

Planting Churches

Church-Planting Tools

Sometimes, a unchurched group will keep growing, bonding, and serving together. They may consider becoming a church. The Biblical route is elders of an existing church planting one with qualified people. This provides the aspiring church with support, accountability, and help fighting threats (esp false teaching). Example of ups and downs of independent church-planting.

Pray on it, talk to established churches, and see if God provides a route. If He doesn't, that often means it's not His will for you to do that. If you choose to proceed, the above resources might help.

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