Sharing the Gospel

It starts with your own spiritual discipline: faith in God, time in His Word, love for others, and praying that Christ imparts more of this into you. Pray He opens up opportunities in others. Remember that God controls all of this. His Spirit does the real work with His servants just bearing His image and delivering His message. If you speak it in love and they reject it, that's entirely between them and God. We're rewarded for faithful effort, not their choices.

Someone told me we must "care before we share." You want to pray for and work on a genuine interest in other people: who they are, their interests, their goals, their struggles, and so on. Listen to and be good to everyone God has put in your life. Try to shift the conversation to the Gospel once per person. You can use "conversational techniques" below, ask during a long pause in the conversation, or act if God inspires them to say something that lets you tie it in.

Work on people in your area of influence: friends, family, coworkers, people at restaurants you visit, and so on. If they're strangers, use the openers below to start conversations. The Gospel mostly moves through relationships we build and love we show. Most of us are gardeners planting and watering. God draws people toward Him using our work. Harvests, or conversions, happen when they're ready to surrender to Christ. Don't worry if you see none. Just keep doing what you're commanded to do to please God. If anyone leans in, put more energy into them since the Spirit might be moving.

"The Truth with Proof"

What You Can Use Today

Dig in Deeper

(Warning: This page was originally what's in Dig in Deeper onward. I recently added "What You Can Use Today" on top of it. I need to reorganize, esp merge, all this at some point. They still each have useful tips.)

The Gospel sites on top give you a starting point for building your own way of sharing the Gospel. If you haven't learned one yet, you can learn one of those or even read it right off of your phone. I keep the Gospels on a dedicated domain,, in case all you have time for is writing a website on a piece of paper (or a napkin!). They might read the Gospel later on their own. I also give tracts with this site to folks in drive-throughs, delivery people, checkout lanes, etc.

Far as tools, just three can get you a long way. Some people we know start by offering prayer, praying on the spot, offering to share how it changed your life (your testimony), and offering the Gospel if they're still interested. Keep tracts on you because even people who say no to the Gospel will often take one. A combo of being kind, mentioning Jesus, and a tract can be a good seed God might build on using others He sends.

If they listen to Gospel, arrange a follow-up meeting to hang out, get to know them better, and offer to take them through a Bible story they'd be interested in. "Narrative evangelism" is powerful because people like good stories. The Samaritan Woman, the Leper, and Paralytic (busting through the roof) have both aspects that interest non-believers and easy tie-ins to the Gospel. If Jesus' wisdom, do the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew. Whatever you use, make sure you've already understood it yourself in its original context with a tie-in to the Gospel.

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