Master's Seminary

Curated list of courses at Master's Seminary. Their M.Div. info is here. We have no affiliation with them or rights to this stuff. They were kind enough to share high-quality materials on YouTube. This page is just helping people get to what they need. Also, folks might like and join the school. Free advertising for seminaries that go above and beyond is our way of giving back to them what little we can.

There's many more courses on there. These are mostly playlists that should go in order from the first you click on. Some are individual courses I found through search.


Fundamentals of Expository Preaching by Dr. John MacArthur

Mechanics of Expository Preaching by Dr. Steven Lawson

Expository Preaching of the Psalms by Dr. Steven Lawson

Biblical Counseling and Pastoral Leadership

Pastoral Counseling by Dr. Stuart Scott

Advanced Biblical Counseling by Dr. John Street

Marriage and Family Counseling by Dr. John Street

Pastoral Leadership by Dr. Alex Montoya

Church Administration by Dr. Tom Pennington

Biblical Studies

Old Testament Studies I by Dr. Keith Essex

Old Testament Studies II by Dr. Keith Essex

New Testament Studies by Dr. Keith Essex

Hermeneutics by Dr. James Rosscup

Old Testament Introduction by Dr. Bill Barrick

Book of Genesis by Dr. Bill Barrick

Exposition of Ezekiel by Dr. Ralph Alexander

General Epistles by Dr. Greg Harris

First Epistle of John by Dr. Robert Yarbrough

Letter of James by Dr. Douglas Moo

Language Studies

Biblical Hebrew Grammar I by Dr. Bill Barrick

Biblical Hebrew Grammar II by Dr. Bill Barrick

Biblical Hebrew Exegesis I by Dr. Bill Barrick

Biblical Hebrew Exegesis II by Dr. Bill Barrick

Greek Exegesis I (archives) by Dr. David Farnell

Greek Exegesis II (archives) by Dr. David Farnell


Theology I by Dr. Andy Snider

Theology II by Dr. Trevor Craigen

Theology III (Archives) by Dr. Michael Vlach

Theology III by Dr. Craigen

Note: There were two that said Theology III. I just posted both.

Theology IV by Dr. Michael Vlach

Introduction to Biblical Theology by Dr. Thomas Schreiner


Biblical Theology of Manhood and Womanhood by Dr. Wayne Grudem

Historical Theology I by Dr. Nathan Busenitz

Historical Theology II by Dr. Nathan Busenitz

Apologetics and Evangelism by Dr. Michael Vlach and Prof. Jesse Johnson

Biblical Exposition of Prayer by Dr. James Rosscup

Issues in Christian Ethics by Dr. John Feinberg

Trinitarianism and Eschatology by Dr. Michael Vlach

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