Free, Online Courses

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These are all sites with free courses, often seminary-level, to grow you in your faith. They include Old/New Testament Studies, Theology, Apologetics (defending the faith), and specialist training (eg counseling, worship). This site just curates some of their materials for your convenience, out of gratitude to them for making it free, and sometimes to bypass buggy interfaces. Consider going to one of these to support them for freely helping others grow.

If on mission or ministry, there is a section on how you might still attend.

Highly Organized (or an App)

Reformed Theological Seminary Mobile App (all lectures)

Master's Seminary (John MacArthur's)

Covenant Theological Seminary

BiblicalTraining (includes personal and seminary-level courses)

The Gospel Coalition Free Courses

(Note: TGC has a huge amount of content from many sources. Looks like stuff for every book in the Bible, too.)

Less Organized

Dallas Theological Seminary

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spurgeon College

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (Youtube channel w/ lectures)

Seminary While Serving

It's hard to do certain kinds of missions and ministry while simultaneously doing seminary. Yet, having a MDiv can open up future opportunities. The courses also deepen your understanding of God's Word and ways to serve Him. There are online options. Most want hands-on experience in it, meaning you'll need a hybrid. Then again, some churches might be fine with all-online if your own church or places you served act as references about your hands-on work. Be sure to ask your church, those in your area, and others where you might move to what they would require or find acceptable. Here's some ideas for people unsure they can physically attend seminary:

1. NOBTS has a 100% online program. The service you're doing might count for them or others as your hands-on experience. NOBTS also does regular evangelism in New Orleans. Their rep mentioned they track many of their students attempts to share the Gospel, who is baptized, etc. There were tens of thousands of baptisms in the past 5-6 years. So, it's a place for seminary education and doing the Great Commission.

2. Okanagan is 100% online with a mixed approach: courses from's Institute program to keep costs low; your local church to assess you on hands-on stuff.

3. Hybrid programs let you take most courses online. Examples include RTS Orlando and Covenant. A RTS rep suggested timing the classes that are in-person so you do them before or after periods of mission and ministry. IIRC, he said theirs last 90 days at a time. You do online for everything else. He also pointed out that the RTS app lets you download videos for offline viewing. You can still listen to lectures when serving in areas with no Internet. Covenant's lectures are downloadable, too. Hybrids with careful timing sounded like it could help in some situations, maybe many.

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