Covenant Theological Seminary

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This an actual seminary. They say they offer a hybrid program for MDiv where you can do 3/4 online. Many of their course lectures are free here. You have to signup but that's all. Below are links to specific courses. The audio that plays in the browser is on the top. They often have downloadable content further down, though.

(Note: Log into Covenant first. With it logged in, these links should take you right to the course.)

Biblical Studies

Old Testament Overview, Old Testament History and Theology

New Testament Overview, New Testament History and Theology

Life and Teachings of Jesus, Life and Letters of Paul, Hebrews to Revelation

Psalms and Wisdom Books


Humanity, Christ, and Redemption

Biblical Theology

The Spirit, the Church, and the Last Things


Christ-centered Preaching, Communicating the Gospel (for women)

God and His Word, God's World Mission, Apologetics and Outreach,

Special/Misc Topics

Christian Worship, Music and Worship in the Changing Church

Intro to Counseling

Youth, Children's, and Disability ministries

Christ-centered Marriage, Gospel-centered Parenting, and Marriage and Family Counseling

Christian Ethics

Disciplines of Grace

Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

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