Start Sharing Right Now

This job is important enough to invest time into developing, memorizing, and practicing. People's salvation is worth getting our part right. That said, maybe you just want a temporary solution for whoever you bump into in the meantime. You can get going in about eight minutes:

1. Your Story (20s version)

2. God's Story (Gospel)

3. Sharing Them

Your Story

Here's how you make it. Pick two words describing your life before Jesus. Then, you say how you found Christ. Then, two words describing your life afterward. Aim for 20s so you can say this even in a short, grocery line.

Ex: "I was arrogant and hopeless. Everything I was doing got nowhere. I was miserable. Friends told me how Jesus changed their lives. I put my faith and life into Jesus' hands. He changed mine, too. Now, I feel deep peace and even the little things I do have a purpose."

God's Story

For now, just read a short Gospel off your phone. In the meantime, learn one that's easy to share: this one, Three Circles (video), Four Laws, or online version. Memorize the key points so you can share in any amount of time. Elaborate as needed.

Sharing Them

Offer prayer. Say: "My name is (name). I'm just out meeting people and caring for my (neighborhood/city/whatever) by praying for them. Do you have anything going on in your life I could pray for?"

If yes, pray for them on the spot. Then, say, "You know, God changed my life with a prayer. Want to know how?" or "Do you want to know why I pray?" If they say yes, use your 20s testimony.

Let's say, in any way, you've gotten out a testimony. That's a seed of the Gospel in itself. Next, ask them if they have a relationship with Jesus or know how. Offer to share the Gospel with them. If they say no, it's "OK, have a nice day" or continue enjoying their company talking about something else. Let them see Jesus in you.

Credit: These are a few techniques in the 411 Training that Longview Point did.

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