How to Share: Tools and Tactics

The main way you share is opening conversations with people, getting to know them, listening, showing love, and asking questions that lead them to Jesus. You're trying to know who they are and help them, not do a content dump or debate. They're people, not projects. These tools and tactics just give you something helpful to say in those conversations.

Quick Version of the Gospel

Pick a quick version of the Gospel that takes only a few minutes to share. Examples include Three Circles (video), Four Laws, this online version, or mine that keeps it short and real.

Giving the Right Impression

There's at least two, related things you want to avoid when sharing: leaving out hard stuff or framing it as only for their benefit.

Faith in God can benefit us in this life. You can even open with a benefit, like the inner peace of Christ, to get their attention. Tie it to their context. Just don't make them think God is only out to give them what they want in this life. Another angle is presentations using "brokenness" as their main theme: people are broken, the world is broken, and Jesus is out to fix it. Sounds like we just landed in a bad situation. Jesus and Apostles say we're guilty sinners with God's wrath coming down on us and the world. The latter produces the internal conviction.

Bigger problem, mainly aiming to please people, is leaving out the less-popular parts. Examples: He created us to worship Him (God-centered focus), our sin separates us, His judgement/hell on our sin, that we surrender our entire lives to Him (not just a sinner's prayer), and maybe costs/rewards of following Him. When Jesus said "Follow Me," His audience knew at some point that this included all the hard stuff. He said the Gospel would offend people. Don't worry about that.

Practice Sharing

Ok, so start with a 2-3 minute version. That might be all the time you'll have. Memorize and practice saying it! Practice it daily on your own. Practice with groups to get used to saying it in front of people. When your group practices, role play with people asking questions or replying in ways your audience might. Be mentally and emotionally prepared to share that specific thing.

From there, you might come up with several versions with different lengths. That's to get more done whenever you have extra time. You might practice the questions you ask to work through conversations, lead them toward Gospel truths, and so on. You might share it bit by bit that way. You should use some of this time for your personal testimony.

Quick, Personal Testimony

Cru has a helpful page on making one. Like the Gospel, you can make several of different lengths. Start with a quick one that's just a few minutes that you can share anywhere. Folks at The Well also taught me to make a 60-second version: 10-15 seconds of Before Jesus, Gospel in 30 seconds, and 10-15 seconds of how Jesus transformed your life. This can have it's own impact on people or lead them to ask you more about Christ (full Gospel).

One guy I met makes the middle portion something like, "Found out Jesus Christ was the Son of God, that He died for my sins, was raised from the dead three days later, and would save all who put their trust in Him. After I did that..." Then, he gave examples of Jesus' impact on His life. Point being, if nothing else, they got to hear the core Gospel and how Jesus changes lives.

Some people tell me they've been believers since they were young. They say there's no Before Christ story. If you're one of them, you might optionally say a quick thing about what made you come to Christ. Then, do the Gospel. Then, focus on how He impacted your life and others around you from there. You might even remember bad situations you avoided or good things you're grateful for. God was still at work in your life. Let them see how.

I warn you that God primarily works through us. People see Jesus in who we are, hear a loving voice, see our body language, etc. Share person-to-person whenever you can. If you can't, there's other ways to plant and water.

Gospel Tracts and Tactics

These are written material you can hand out with the Gospel, Bible verses, etc on them. They definitely have advantages. God has used them in stunning ways (ex: this bomber). Here's two, good suppliers: MWTB and GospelTractStore. Some will "imprint" your church or site on existing designs for a small fee.

Some of you might be around people who speak a foreign language. Get some in that language to give to them. Pray and leave God to do the rest. I even wrote Spanish notes from Google Translate on English tracts for immigrants with God visibly using some of those. Just try something.

You can also make your own using tools like LibreOffice (eg flyers) and Canva (eg cards). Many people can print them. If you can't print cards, you can squeeze a bunch of them into a Word document for paper prototypes or small batches. An example might be having a few extras in foreign languages or for people in specific religions.

Use a tract in combination with person-to-person shares or when you can't do one. Maybe there's no time or they say no. Some that decline a direct share will take a tract. Pitching the tract itself can boost that much higher. For example, with on mine, I used to say:

"That's fine. On my way out, may I offer you this? It has the Gospel in 3 minutes plus proof it's true like in a courtroom."

They usually take it. If they decline, remember the Spirit might help them see Jesus even in how you take a no. Just politely smile, gently say "have a blessed day," and calmly walk away.

If there's no soliciting, people have sometimes taken them when I asked, "I'm trying to be respectful. Is that just for sales or... am I allowed to give any of you these or just leave some for people to take willingly?" Some allowed it.

You can also wrap them in a tip you give to workers you meet. Workers whose jobs don't get tips are often very grateful. Many possibilities. Just be respectable as much as you can in how you go about using them.

Online: Your Site and Accounts

You put both the Gospel and your personal testimony on here. Maybe some helpful stuff to minister to people's needs. Like with a tract, don't use it to replace person-to-person sharing. A site does have several advantages over cards: it cost nothing to share; you can have multiple versions of what you share in different sizes/formats; you can write the domain on whatever you give them; they can share it widely. If it's interesting, you've turned even non-believers into evangelists.

Here's a beautiful example I found on the Internet. You might also put the Gospel, including links to it, in your email signatures, profiles (social media / gaming), and so on. People also put verses on their coffee/gym cups, backpacks, jackets, laptops, cars, and homes. Each is a seed planted on top of a conversational opportunity.

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