Who will we share with? Well, who do we know? We can draw that out using a relationship map. Today, you might call it your social network. Let's draw that.

It starts with you:


Now, lets add people you know:
Your Network

Start by sharing the Gospel with them. We don't want it to stop there, though.

John 17:20 says:

"Not for these only do I pray, but for those also who will believe in me through their word"

If they come to Christ, they'll share the Gospel with other people.

Your Network Plus One

Those other people might also share...

Your Network Plus Two
And maybe they will too...

Your Network Plus Four

We call this making disciples who make disciples. We also call it multiplication of disciples and churches. This is how God designed His kingdom to reach all peoples.

(If you can, illustrate the multiplication process using real people in the audience. In our session, the presenter called two people to the front who he shared with and kept pray ing for. God brought them to Christ. They led more to Christ. Eventually, a whole crowd of them stood in front of the audience. The main trainer said that guy is at around 100 people now. "He'll drag them into heaven by the neck through his prayers if necessary.")

(Explain how we're part of a bigger process: It wasn't just that guy. There were other people who impacted those people's lives. Jesus works through all of that.)

We just keep asking, "Whose next? Who do I need to talk to?"

What about people I don't know, though?

Luke 10

(Everyone read Luke 10.)

(Explain that they went out two by two sharing the Gospel with strangers.)

A person of peace is someone who is receptive or helpful. They might listen to the Gospel, connect you to other people, or provide for your material needs.

We don't know who is what ahead of time. We just keep talking to people. If door to door, we go two by two to new houses until we run into someone whose heart the Spirit has opened. Most who do this agree that doing this even one day a week, taking 1-2 hours, is highly beneficial. The Lord uses that time. He works in many ways.

When approaching strangers, you don't go up to them just firing off Bible verses. Start a conversation. Show you care. One way to do this is offering prayer: "Is there anything we can pray about for you?" Many people appreciate being prayed for.

One church used to just try to take the Gospel to them where they are. If they believed, they'd invite them to the church. Later, they started giving out church invite cards. Some of those people showed up at the church. Then, they could hear and be touched by the Gospel more often.

Use both strategies. Try to share the Gospel with people where they're at. If you can't share or they reject it, offer them a Gospel tract and church invite. Or church card with the Gospel on it. They often take them. If they're not home, stick them in their door frame or use a door hanger. Just make sure they can read the Gospel easily if the Spirit moves them to. Put it prominently on your church's website, too.

That's the core lesson for Who. You can reproduce just if you want. Here's some bonus material I learned afterward.

Bonus Material

Work within your sphere of influence. What is that? Psalm 139:13-16 says God knitted us together in the womb, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and He has a plan for our lives. God made each of us unique in a way that lets us connect with different people. You can reach people who would never talk to me. You'll see them at work, home, places you do business with, and places you go for fun. Your sphere of influence are all the people in your life that you can have a conversation with. They are your personal, mission field.

Sometimes, our spheres will also overlap where people might work together to reach a person. Somebody is a friend of a friend, one person invites them to hang out, and another asks if they know Jesus. Believers might team up in workplaces or neighborhoods, too. 1 Cor. 12 says believers have different gifts. We often can do more together than apart. 

Quick note. The Spirit might pull people toward you if you create opportunities for them to ask questions. Wear T-Shirts with the Word of God on them. Put Jesus’ name or the Gospel or a site with it in your profile, email signatures, and web site. Some people have stickers for their phones, laptops, or cars. Just anything that might plant a seed. I've had about half a dozen people ask me about T-shirts and stuff in my profile. One our sisters got to share the Gospel at work because a customer asked about a sticker on her phone. It was a Gospel tool.

So, we know who to share with. What do we share with them?

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