Your Story (15-20-sec Testimony)

Here's how you make it. Pick two words describing your life before Jesus. Then, you say that you found Christ. Then, two words describing your life afterward. Aim for 15-20s so you can say this even in a short, grocery line.

Ex: "I was arrogant and hopeless. Everything I was doing got nowhere. I was miserable. Friends told me how Jesus changed their lives. I put my faith and life into Jesus' hands. He changed mine, too. Now, I feel deep peace and even the little things I do have a purpose."

Another line you can use in the middle is: "I abandoned my ways for God's ways and I put all my confidence in Jesus."

Maybe you've been a Christian for a long time. You came to Christ as a child or just don't remember your time before Christ. Pick the two words for after Christ. Then, just tell them how you put your trust in Christ and that's been your experience. Some people also point out how their friends were getting in bad situations, they almost were in some, and God kept them out of trouble. Maybe a short description of how God stuck with you.

(Have the audience pick their before and after words. Make their testimony. Then, share them in a Q&A so everyone can hear them and get ideas.)

("Before" words people contributed: prideful (or arrogant), empty, bondage, insecure, anger, searching, hopeless, perverted, broken, religious, trying to be good.)

("After" words people contributed: hopeful, filled and alive; rejoicing; peaceful; love; purpose (or living with purpose); restored; assured; blessed.)

One person during a previous session didn't have an After. They talked outside and she found Christ. If you haven't surrendered your life to Jesus, Billy Graham said the right time to make a decision "is always today, always now." If you need to, someone can step out with you or we'll even pause the training if you want it really public. God's Word says all of heaven will rejoice when you put your faith in Christ.

Maybe they've already turned their life around but don't know Jesus. Got into a recovery program or just gritted their teeth to kick bad habits. They didn't do it on their own. Anything could've happened to them. Say, "You'd enjoy meeting the God who helped you with that." That walking with their Creator who knows them best will lead to the best life they could live. (Switch to the Gospel.) If you don't, you face Him on judgement day as an enemy who sinned against Him. You'll have changed your short, earthly life before spending eternity in a lake of fire for your sins. Please make the bigger change, repent, to receive eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

How do you use your testimony with a stranger? How do we create an opportunity? You can ask someone: "Do you have a story like this? Have you been born again?" If they say no, you can offer to tell them how yours happened.

(Tell audience members to partner up with other people to practice what they just wrote. Each take turns. Preferably someone that's not right next to you. Walk around and meet people!)

God's Story (Gospel Tool)

For now, just read a short Gospel off your phone. In the meantime, learn one that's easy to share: this one, Four Laws, Bridge, or online version. Memorize the key points so you can share in any amount of time. Elaborate as needed.

(Explain example method.)

Make notes about what the real Gospel needs: a perfect, holy, and loving God made everything good; we choose to sin; our nature is so evil that we'll keep sinning no matter how hard we'll try not to; Jesus' perfect life and sacrifice; raised from the dead as proof; faith in Him saves us; our sins on Him and His righteousness on us. Bonuses: real Christians have changed hearts with God's Spirit dwelling in them; it will be hard for us; He makes us persevere.

(Have the audience practice the tool in pairs. New partners. On this one, have multiple partners. A pair of people each take a turn. Then, split to pair up with other people. Gives them experience approaching strangers in a friendly environment.)

(Give out cards with your Gospel tool on one side and how to do a personal testimony on the other side. Pics of those Longview Point uses: front and back.)

Keep it simple during training. Read it off the card we gave you if you have to. When your sharing it, you can explain it in detail as much as you need. While learning it, learn it in the simplest form first.

Quick reminder. We are not responsible for whether or not they believe the message. God just requires us to share it. The Holy Spirit does the work from there. What they decide is on them, not us. Also, God is always working if you're obeying and sharing. If they say no, treating them with love and respect can have a big impact. Even people who say no might come to Christ later as a part of what you did.

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