411 Evangelism Training

We learned this training at Longview Point Baptist Church. The original version was developed in South Asia by long-term missionaries. They planted and grew many churches that learned to do the same. Their strategy was focusing on fundamentals, developing simple ways of teaching them, and giving those tools to churches they supported. IMB missionaries that served there brought the tools back to churches over here. Many used and improved on all of it.

Longview Point's version, 411 Training, was just the essentials. Our group was there with many others who learned it. People went from no experience to door-to-door in hours. Almost 40 prayers with strangers and 9 shares that day. We started doing it at our church, too, with God continuing to move. It clearly works.

I've learned quite a bit doing this in Walmart, neighborhoods, family, and even with delivery people. I've revised the training to add in lessons I've learned. There's also Bonus Material added to several of these that are optional but helpful. Like earlier versions, this training is 100% free and open-source (no legal restrictions) so you can use and adapt it in your church however you need. And please do pass it onto others.

Learning the 411

Tell audience start by turn a sheet of paper sideways and folding it in half. It will look more like a little booklet with four pages. From front to back, write the titles below on the top of each page. Then, present each one. It's mostly written as you'd say it to the audience.

1. Why?

2. Who?

3. What?

4. When?

5. Going Door-to-Door (more)

Go out in groups, discuss what happened, pray, and encourage them to keep it up. And pass on the training to others.

(Legal: Like all of our on-site content, this training is public domain so that you can use, modify, share, or even sell it. Do whatever brings more people to Jesus Christ.)

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